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CHIMNEY CLEANING– Whether it be a traditional wood burning fireplace, wood insert, freestanding stove, gas fireplace, or furnace flue, Pete & his technicians at Pete’s Chimney & More will get your unit as clean as can be, with no mess, and done in no time at all. We are efficient, neat, & adhere to the chimney sweeping protocols set forward by the National Chimney Sweeps Guild. In 25+ years of sweeping chimneys, there has not been a unit or situation we haven’t run into. Call Pete’s Chimney & More today to schedule your chimney sweeping with complimentary safety inspection.

CHIMNEY REPAIR– Chimneys breakdown overtime. And if left unattended, they will deteriorate, crumble, & get to the point where they become water entry points, or worse yet, fire or carbon monoxide safety issues. For over 25 years,  Pete’s Chimney & More has been building and repairing all kinds of chimneys; brick, stucco, cinder block, B-Vent, and double/triple wall stainless steel flues as well. At Pete’s, we have the knowledge, equipment, and man power to work on any chimney, large or small. We guarantee all our work and assure you that any chimney job done by Pete’s will withstand the test of time. Call Pete’s Chimney & More today to get a thorough evaluation and free, no-obligation estimate for your chimney repair.

CHIMNEY RELINING– Just as the exterior of a chimney breaks down and deteriorates, so does the interior. Chimneys must be properly lined to assure that all poisonous gases are carried out of the stack and not leaking within it. Defective flues are the leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as, chimney fires! Both situations can be fatal so call Pete’s today!

CHIMNEY CAPS– Every chimney needs a cap, plain and simple! If you have an open flue, you’ve got an entry point for damaging rain and snow. Even worse, you’ve offered a home to some unruly critters! At Pete’s Chimney & More , we remove over 100 animals from chimneys yearly; whether it be a mother raccoon with babies, a rabid bat, hostile squirrels, or birds nesting, it’s never a good situation. And it’s never a cheap ordeal either! Removing these animals can cost over $500 and the price can double if there’s babies or a blockage involved. A chimney cap can prevent this!

DAMPERS- If your chimney has a broken or missing damper it’s essential to get this resolved immediately! Without a functional damper, freezing air from outside will enter the house making it very cold and uncomfortable. Hot air from your home will escape up the flue causing your heating bill to skyrocket. A new top mount damper is the remedy and will pay for itself over a short period of time.


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